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How to Draw 4 Pattern like Drawings

In this Blog post, I’m going to be doing a step by step tutorial on how to draw the hand illusion drawing or as they call it the 3D hand and other, easy, drawing activities. I hope you guys like it and follow me please and I hope you try this and have fun with. 😜👍

What you’ll need is…

  • Sharpie different colored(or markers) {about 3 or more colors}✒
  • Ruler📏
  • Blank white piece of paper📝
  • Pencil ✏
  • Eraser
  • Your Hand ✋

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💡How to come up with Drawing Ideas.💡

Welcome back to my blog! In this Blog post, I’m going to be talking about some really fun, easy, and creative ways to come up with drawing ideas. Please use tips these because I think it will be very helpful for you and it might keep you busy for a pretty long time. I hope that these tip/ideas help you so here are the 10 tips down below⬇😁  👍

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Welcome to my Blog! DIY Art Supplies Organizers


Welcome to my Blog! In this blog, I’ll be talking about some really fun and useful art organizers for people who lose a lot of their art supplies, or like me, have them laying everywhere unorganized. I’m going to be doing four useful DIY organizers for your art supplies and I hope that it will be useful for you to be more organized. 👍

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