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💡How to come up with Drawing Ideas.💡

Welcome back to my blog! In this Blog post, I’m going to be talking about some really fun, easy, and creative ways to come up with drawing ideas. Please use tips these because I think it will be very helpful for you and it might keep you busy for a pretty long time. I hope that these tip/ideas help you so here are the 10 tips down below⬇😁  👍

  1. First, think of some ideas like what you’re good at drawing, what your favorite type of drawing is, or what inspires you to want to draw something. Have an OPEN mind.
  2. Don’t be afraid of being a copycat when it comes to drawing because it could help you come up with ideas yourself or give yourself an open mind about what you might want to draw next.
  3. List some things that you might want to draw or your favorite things. for example, draw your favorite animal or your favorite sport or maybe Your favorite scenery.
  4. Have a snack, just have a small snack so that you might concentrate more on what you might want to draw or come up with more ideas.
  5. Another idea for you is to just practice drawing like some different techniques or just doodling then you might get an idea of what to draw.
  6. If you don’t have an idea you could play a game with someone or yourself and to play that game you’ll need a pencil and paper. Then you or your friend make a scribble and the other person has to make a drawing out of the scribble. I don’t really know what the game is called but I call it The Scribble game.
  7. Observe your surroundings it might help you think about what you might want to draw like if yu want inspiration you could go to the park, your backyard, or go somewhere quiet where you can sleep.
  8.  Listen to music it could help you concentrate like how you might listen to music while doing your homework.
  9. Be creative just do what first pops up in your mind like if you want to draw a quote with some fun letters do some of that and some doodling around it.
  10. Last but not least, just ask anyone for help on what to draw. Ask them to choose a topic to draw like a little challenge.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope these tips help you come up with more ideas on what to draw or paint. Down below are some pictures that might help you think of things to draw or just to copy drawing⬇😁😊💡 I hope this inspires you to have some awesome drawing ideas!

Thanks for reading!

~ Elizabethart101 😍




word art




superthumb (2)
Enter a caption
Girl drawing with skull face and glasses
Girl drawing with face painted


superthumb (1)
Mickey mouse hand making heart














I love art, it's one of my favorite subjects. I also like to do a lot of drawing, crafts, and anything that has to do with art. I am now taking an art class in my school that is helping learn more about art things and some techniques that will help me. I have a big family, no pet's, and I'm in middle school. I'm pretty good at drawing and doing Diy's. I love playing volleyball and a little bit of soccer. I'm looking forward to teaching people some good DIY's, drawings, and some tips that might help people become a better artist.

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