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How to Draw 4 Pattern like Drawings

In this Blog post, I’m going to be doing a step by step tutorial on how to draw the hand illusion drawing or as they call it the 3D hand and other, easy, drawing activities. I hope you guys like it and follow me please and I hope you try this and have fun with. 😜👍

What you’ll need is…

  • Sharpie different colored(or markers) {about 3 or more colors}✒
  • Ruler📏
  • Blank white piece of paper📝
  • Pencil ✏
  • Eraser
  • Your Hand ✋


What to do is…

1. First, you have to draw the outline of your hand lightly with a pencil ,like in picture 1.

2. Next, you grab your ruler and start making lines like the picture below either lightly with a pencil or a marker.

3. Then you do the same thing but with different colored markers.




This next drawing is pretty hard but it’s still fun to draw and may be easy to draw for some people. It’s another illusion drawing but you will need a few different supplies. I think this drawing is pretty cool because it looks kind of real depending on how you draw it.🐈

What you’ll need is…

  • Notebook piece of paper📖
  • pencil✏
  • pen✒(*optional)


PicCollage (1)


  1. Draw the head of the cat however you want but I like to do it how the picture does it.
  2. Next, draw both paws one on each side of the head like in the picture
  3. After that, skip one line then draw the little outline of the body
  4. Then, you skip another line and draw the bottom part then do the same for the legs by skipping the lines.
  5. Finally, you add the finishing touches and now with your pen make a fur-like pattern on the cat.

This next drawing is pretty simple and if you love Aztec design this would be a drawing for you. Hope you have fun with this drawing as much as I did.

What you need…

  • Sharpies (black and other colors if you want to color in the design)
  • Blank piece of paper


  1. First, you draw the yin-yang sign with black sharpie(if you don’t know how to draw the yin-yang sign the picture above shows an example)
  2. Next, you make rain drop like circles (like in the picture)
  3. Finally, make some patterns in the raindrops like strips, triangles, hearts, or Aztec design.


Picture link


This next drawing is something that I think is pretty fun to draw and it’s something I did for my art class as an assignment.

What you will need is…

  • Pen ✒
  • Paper📄


  1. Draw an outline of and object or something you really like with pen
  2. Next, you have to Draw some of your favorite things like maybe, your favorite logo, food, symbol, animal, or even your favorite word/number.
  3. Finally, you have to make sure that your whole picture outline is filled in with all your favorite things .


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Some Logos to put in Drawing⬆Thanks for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you might try it because, they are really fun and easy.☺😏👌




I love art, it's one of my favorite subjects. I also like to do a lot of drawing, crafts, and anything that has to do with art. I am now taking an art class in my school that is helping learn more about art things and some techniques that will help me. I have a big family, no pet's, and I'm in middle school. I'm pretty good at drawing and doing Diy's. I love playing volleyball and a little bit of soccer. I'm looking forward to teaching people some good DIY's, drawings, and some tips that might help people become a better artist.

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